NFL NewsWire: 3/6 – 3/10/18

Bills sign RB Chris Ivory to a 2 year, $5.5 million deal (via Ian Rapoport)

$3.25 million of the deal is guaranteed. After breaking out two years ago as the workhorse for the Jets, and being named to a Pro Bowl, Ivory spent the last two seasons with Jacksonville. Last season he was solid insurance behind starter Leonard Fournette, and should fill a similar role in Buffalo next season behind LeSean McCoy. He is an upgrade on Buffalo’s back-ups from last season.

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NFL NewsWire: Combine Week

Dolphins grant WR Jarvis Landry permission to seek and facilitate a trade (via Adam Schefter)

This, along with the fact that Landry signed his tag on Sunday, will make it much easier for the Dolphins to eventually trade him. Now Landry will have the ability to go around to all the teams vying for his services, and negotiate an extension. If he can agree to terms of a contract with one of those teams, Miami can step in and work out a trade with that team. The Bears and Ravens are among the 5 or so teams interested in trading for Landry.

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NFL NewsWire 2/27 – 3/1/18

Bills sign CB Vontae Davis to a 1-year, $5 million deal (via Ian Rapoport)

This is a quality signing by the Bills, as Davis will slide in opposite Tre’Davious White in a very solid Bills secondary. This will be Davis’ third team, after he spent most of his career with the Colts. He was one of the better corners in the league in his time in Indianapolis, ending up with two Pro Bowl selections. The Colts released him in November when they determined he needed groin surgery, and Davis took the time to heal up before shopping himself around the league and visiting with 5 different teams. $3.5 million of his $5 million is guaranteed.

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NFL NewsWire 2/22 – 2/26/18

NFL News from 02/22 to 02/26/2018

Davis Webb believes he can be the next franchise quarterback for the Giants (via ESPN)

Coming out of the draft last season, Webb was widely viewed as a mid-round pick with potential upside to one day become a starter. He was drafted in the 3rd round by the Jerry Reese-Ben McAdoo regime, and after one season that Webb spent entirely on the bench, both of those men were fired. These circumstances put Webb in a tough situation, as he is now working with coaches who didn’t draft him, and have no NFL game film to study of the young QB.

The Giants could potentially be in the market for a QB when they pick 2nd overall in this years draft, but perhaps they want to see if the future franchise QB is currently on their roster first. With Eli Manning likely coming back to start for the Giants next season, perhaps Davis Webb can end up taking the reins when it becomes clear Eli really has nothing left in the tank. The Giants have a pivotal decision to make when they draft at No. 2 to decide which direction they want to take their roster.  The full quotes made by Webb can be found at the link above.

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NFL NewsWire 02/19 – 02/21/18

NFL News from 02/19 to 02/21/2018

Texans released LB Brian Cushing (via John McClain)

A lifelong Texan since he was drafted in the first round in 2009, Cushing had a solid career at Inside Linebacker for the Texans, making a Pro Bowl in the process. He’s missed some time due to a PED suspension recently and became expendable due to the emergence of Zach Cunningham and Dylan Cole in both their second seasons. This release will save the Texans around $7.5 million against the cap.

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NFL NewsWire 02/14 – 02/18/18

NFL News from 02/14 to 02/18/2018

Larry Fitzgerald will continue his playing career in 2018 (via Doug & Wolf Show)

This is huge news for the Cardinals, and for whatever QB they end up adding during the offseason. Despite his advanced age of 34, Fitzgerald was the focal point of the Cardinals offense last season, finishing 2nd in the NFL in receptions and 3rd in targets. Fitzgerald, a future Hall of Famer and the face of the Cardinals franchise, will be huge in either luring a free agent QB or in helping a rookie transition to the NFL, depending on which route the Cardinals decide to go this offseason.

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NFL NewsWire 02/12 – 02/13/18

NFL News from 02/12 to 02/13/2018

49ers LB Reuben Foster arrested on charges of domestic violence (via The Mercury News)

Yuck. This one looks really bad for Reuben Foster, as he allegedly dragged the victim across the floor to get her to leave his apartment. The officers also found an illegal firearm in his house.  All of this comes a month after he was arrested in Alabama for marijuana possession. Foster was considered one of the top prospects in last year’s draft, but had a few character concerns when he failed a drug test with a diluted sample at the Combine and fought with the doctor who administered the test. Because of that (and other shoulder-related issues), Foster fell in the draft to Pick 31, where the 49ers took a chance on him.

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