NFL NewsWire 02/19 – 02/21/18

NFL News from 02/19 to 02/21/2018

Texans released LB Brian Cushing (via John McClain)

A lifelong Texan since he was drafted in the first round in 2009, Cushing had a solid career at Inside Linebacker for the Texans, making a Pro Bowl in the process. He’s missed some time due to a PED suspension recently and became expendable due to the emergence of Zach Cunningham and Dylan Cole in both their second seasons. This release will save the Texans around $7.5 million against the cap.

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Creating XFL Rosters: Denard Robinson and the Chicago Franchise

Chicago is the sixth of eight cities we believe should obtain an XFL franchise. This is the final city picked solely because of its status as a major media market. It would have been in the East, but Philadelphia was too enticing to pass up. Chicago is the key that seemingly unlocks the Midwest for the XFL, giving the league access to an extraordinarily important base of fans and providing a home for numerous Midwestern players who would otherwise have awkward geographical fits on teams. Chicago is the second of four teams in the West Division.

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NFL NewsWire 02/14 – 02/18/18

NFL News from 02/14 to 02/18/2018

Larry Fitzgerald will continue his playing career in 2018 (via Doug & Wolf Show)

This is huge news for the Cardinals, and for whatever QB they end up adding during the offseason. Despite his advanced age of 34, Fitzgerald was the focal point of the Cardinals offense last season, finishing 2nd in the NFL in receptions and 3rd in targets. Fitzgerald, a future Hall of Famer and the face of the Cardinals franchise, will be huge in either luring a free agent QB or in helping a rookie transition to the NFL, depending on which route the Cardinals decide to go this offseason.

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Creating XFL Rosters: McKenzie Milton and the Los Angeles Franchise


Los Angeles is the fifth of eight cities we believe should obtain an XFL franchise. The second-largest media market in the United States, trailing only New York, Los Angeles is becoming quite the football city. With two new NFL teams, the city also continues to support top-level college ball at USC and UCLA. An XFL team would probably test the bounds of the market, but it is better to be in Los Angeles than to neglect the city. Los Angeles is the first of four teams in the West Division.

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NFL NewsWire 02/12 – 02/13/18

NFL News from 02/12 to 02/13/2018

49ers LB Reuben Foster arrested on charges of domestic violence (via The Mercury News)

Yuck. This one looks really bad for Reuben Foster, as he allegedly dragged the victim across the floor to get her to leave his apartment. The officers also found an illegal firearm in his house.  All of this comes a month after he was arrested in Alabama for marijuana possession. Foster was considered one of the top prospects in last year’s draft, but had a few character concerns when he failed a drug test with a diluted sample at the Combine and fought with the doctor who administered the test. Because of that (and other shoulder-related issues), Foster fell in the draft to Pick 31, where the 49ers took a chance on him.

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Creating XFL Rosters: Tim Tebow and the Pensacola Franchise


Pensacola, Florida is the fourth of eight cities we believe should obtain an XFL franchise. Pensacola is where Tim Tebow gets into the XFL. The city has a military tie, of which we’ve previously explained the importance, as well as the unique distinction of being one of the hottest hotbeds of high school football talent in the nation. Pensacola would be the perfect place to put a team, as the XFL can bring in young superstars from college who are uncomfortable about not being able to earn any money as NCAA players, while allowing them to come closer to home to play. Pensacola is the final team in the East Division.

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