2019 NFL Draft Position Rankings: Offensive Tackle

UPDATED 5/29/2018

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1. OT Trey Adams, Washington Washington

Prototypical left tackle. Excellent pass blocker who stonewalls rushers. While pass blocking, keeps his head on a swivel for other threats and adjusts quickly to maintain the edge for his quarterback. Has the potential to be one of the elite blindside protectors, but has to be better against speed rushes. Uses his big body to his advantage. Sturdy blocker with solid balance. Not the best run blocker, but is capable of opening holes for his running back. A bit of a plodder who could have lighter feet, but moves well in space and engages his assignment with power and leverage.

Four-star recruit. Graduated from Wenatchee High School in Wenatchee, Washington. 6’8”, 327 lb. True senior who has battled injuries throughout his collegiate career. Played in ten games as a freshman, starting nine straight at left tackle before sustaining a stinger (neck/shoulder) injury, missing the Apple Cup against Washington State; then missed the team’s bowl game a month later with back spasms. As a sophomore, started all 14 games at left tackle, garnering First-Team All-Pac 12 honors. As a junior, started the first seven games of the season at left tackle, but tore his ACL and missed the rest of the year.

Grade: First Round

2. OT/OG Mitch Hyatt, Clemson Clemson

Left tackle who may have to kick inside to guard. Simply a very solid tackle whose experience playing the position shows on tape – technical wizard. What you see with this player is pretty much exactly what you’re going to get. Possesses a low center of gravity, which is especially helpful in the run game. Does not always create great run blocking lanes, but has a quick enough first step to give his running back some space to move. Gets his weight into blocks, delivering a substantial blow to defenders. Gets nice depth on pass drops and does a good job keeping his body between the rusher and the quarterback.

Five-star recruit who was the No. 2 player at his position. Graduated from North Gwinnett High School in Suwanee, Georgia. 6’5”, 305 lb. True senior who has been a full-time starter since freshman year. Garnered first-team Freshman All-American and has steadily improved to becoming a first-team All-American as a junior. As a sophomore, missed most of the Pittsburgh game with a foot injury, but returned to action the next week. Uncle Dan Benish was an All-ACC defensive tackle who played five years in the NFL.

Grade: First Round

3. OT/OG Jonah Williams, Alabama Bama

Best fit may end up being at guard or right tackle; pass blocking not yet at the level of an NFL left tackle. Athletic puller who locks on defenders while moving. Has the rare ability to consistently neutralize his assignment in the run game – seals gaps and provides great lanes for running backs. Clearly understands angles and positioning as a run blocker. Maybe not an elite pass protector, but athletic and instinctive enough to recover when beat off the ball. In much of 2017 tape, blocked for a scrambling QB but helped create fine pockets on a regular basis. Light enough on his feet to win one-on-ones off the edge. Blocks well in space, but scheme was not designed for frequent second-level blocking opportunities.

Four-star recruit among the best offensive tackles in his class. Graduated from Folsom High School in Folsom, California (northern CA near Sacramento). 6’5”, 301 lb. True junior who has been a full-time starter each of his two seasons in Tuscaloosa. As a true freshman, won the starting right tackle spot and earned recognition on various Freshman All-American lists. As a sophomore, transitioned to left tackle. Has started all 29 games over his first two seasons. Sustained an ankle injury in the 2018 National Championship Game (sophomore) against Georgia, keeping him out most of the second half. There is some buzz about him moving to center in 2018.

Grade: First Round

4. OT Isaiah Prince, Ohio State Ohio State

Right tackle who may get a look on the left side. Very tall with good body type for a tackle. Among the best tackles in the class at getting up to the second level when run blocking. Gets a solid push and moves well laterally. Uses his size to move around opposing linemen in the run game. When blocking directionally, does a fine job of getting his body between the defender and the ballcarrier. Clearly understands blocking schemes, with above average foot movement and awareness of positioning – takes nice angles. Above average pass blocker. Sometimes gets beat inside, requiring help from the guard, but is tough to get around outside. Not very susceptible to speed rushes, and mirrors defenders well. A bit jumpy before the snap – prone to false start penalties.

Four-star recruit. Graduated from Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt, Maryland. 6’7”, 310 lb. True senior who has been a starter each of the last two seasons. As a true freshman, played mostly on special teams, seeing action in all 13 games. As a sophomore, started all 13 games at right tackle, leading the team in offensive plays from scrimmage. Held down the starting right tackle slot as a junior. Saw marked progression from sophomore to junior season (improved from the 1.1-percentile to the 90th-percentile as a pass blocker). Will be considered for the starting left tackle job with last year’s left tackle having left for the NFL Draft – all will be watching for a regression to see if junior campaign was an aberration or a true improvement.

Grade: Second Round

5. OT/OG/OC Dalton Risner, Kansas State Kansas State

Right tackle who could end up getting kicked inside. Top-flight run blocker who plays the tackle position like a road-grading guard. Gets into his blocks with a good amount of force. Wide-bodied wrecking ball who knocks over defenders in his path. Creates easy run-through lanes for running backs. Lethal in a phone booth, but can be caught flat-footed in more open-field scenarios.. Brings a similar level of physicality to pass blocking, but is a bit awkward in this phase of his game. Will need to do a better job of keeping up with more advanced pass rush moves, but does a nice job stopping bull-rushes and less-creative pass rushers. Seeks out contact and delivers a blow consistently. Solid puller.

Three-star recruit as a center. Graduated from Wiggins High School in Wiggins, Colorado, where father was head football coach. Also played basketball and placed fifth in the state in shot put. 6’5”, 300 lb. Redshirt senior who has played center and left tackle. As a redshirt freshman, started all 13 games at center. Switched to right tackle as a redshirt sophomore and was elected a team captain; started all 13 games at the position. As a redshirt junior, again a team captain, started all 12 regular season games at right tackle. Earned recognition from Pro Football Focus as a first-team All-American – allowed only three quarterback pressures, the least among draft-eligible tackles from 2018. Missed the team’s bowl game with a left shoulder injury that had been nagging him for the last year and a half. Also sustained a high-ankle sprain early in the year, as well as a right shoulder injury. Opted for surgery on the left shoulder and missed spring ball.

Grade: Second Round

6. OT Greg Little, Ole Miss Ole Miss

Projects as a left tackle. Powerful athlete who can drive and knock back defenders. Engages pass rushers with physicality and is difficult to beat once he is locked onto a player. Major issue is consistency – will, from time to time, simply whiff on blocks or get beat badly with a speed rush. Takes cautious drops when pass blocking, instead of the deep drops that might mitigate differences in speed between him and the rusher. Has some trouble keeping his body square, even though this is where he generates the most leverage. Below average puller. Has some experience getting to the second level, but can be a bit awkward progressing through these kinds of blocks. At times, a road-grading run blocker who is a real asset, but sometimes also looks lost in the middle of the play and does not sufficiently block his assignment.

Five-star recruit who was the No. 2 overall player in the ESPN300 during his recruiting year. Graduated from Allen High School in Allen, Texas. 6’6”, 325 lb. True junior who broke into the starting lineup as a freshman at left tackle. Played in every game as a freshman, starting five at left tackle. Became the full-time starter at left tackle as a sophomore. Decided to stay with Ole Miss despite NCAA sanctions, while other high-profile teammates left for different programs. Trimmed down 20 pounds after freshman season, citing the need to be more athletic as a pass blocker. Sustained a minor back injury in a 2018 spring team scrimmage.

Grade: Second Round

7. OT David Edwards, Wisconsin Wisconsin

Projects as a left tackle (where he has taken snaps in spring ball), but has seen most of his work at right tackle. Brutally physical (and good) pass protector in the mold of San Francisco tackle Mike McGlinchey, but struggles at times in the run game. Stops pass rushers in their tracks and rarely gives up much ground. Long arms frequently neutralize defensive line handplay. Dropbacks in pass protection are of high technical caliber; usually well-positioned against speed rushes. Good build for a right tackle. Ends up on the ground a lot – needs to improve balance, particularly in the open field. Possesses above average height, but still manages to stay beneath the pad level of defenders. Could do a better job staying square to the player being blocked.

Three-star recruit at tight end who was an option quarterback in high school – converted to tackle after his redshirt year. Has bulked up a significant amount since enrolling. Graduated from Downers Grove North High School in Downers Grove, Illinois. Redshirt junior who has played most of his college career at right tackle. Has been the “blindside” protector at right tackle, given the left-handedness of Wisconsin quarterback Alex Hornibrook. As a redshirt freshman, played in 13 games, starting seven at right tackle. Started all 14 games at right tackle as a redshirt sophomore. Recognized as a first team All-American as a redshirt sophomore. Comes from a football family – both the father and uncle played Big Ten football. Sustained a left leg injury during the team’s 2017 bowl game against Miami.

Grade: Third Round

8. OT/OG Martez Ivey, Florida Florida

Left tackle with some potential at guard. A bit of a leaner who lunges too much – could end up getting embarrassed by some of the more athletic edge defenders at the next level. Struggles also with balance from time to time. Generally a fine pass blocker, but sometimes lacks awareness of where his quarterback is, and occasionally drives pass rushers into passing lanes. Difficult to get by on power rushes, but is susceptible to speedier defenders. Finishes blocks well, and can be a bowling ball in the run game, when taking the right angles and keeping his body square to hit. Decent zone run blocker.

Five-star recruit who was the No. 1 player at his position in his class. Graduated from Apopka High School in Apopka, Florida. 6’5”, 315 lb. True senior who has played both left tackle and left guard. As a true freshman, played in 12 games, starting the final eight at left guard. As a sophomore, played in 13 games with 12 starts (left guard). Moved over to left tackle as a junior for the first nine games, but returned to left guard in the last two games of the season. Played through an injured knee in 2015 (freshman), as well as playing through a leg injury in 2016 (sophomore). In the summer before junior year, dealt with unspecified “swelling” that was described as a “nagging” injury.

Grade: Third Round

9. OT/OG/OC Michael Deiter, Wisconsin Wisconsin

Probably a tackle at the next level, but has seen significant time at guard and center in college. Nasty pass blocker with a strong punch. When in pass set, does not have the best center of gravity, and can get knocked backwards a bit. Physical tackle inclined toward contact – classic Wisconsin tackle who may remind of Bryan Bulaga. Not very agile in the open field, but actually scored a touchdown on a toss-back trick play from about 15 yards out against Illinois in 2017. Could do a better job of staying on blocks and finishing – when he does, watch out; has shown the ability to move defenders wherever he wants. Good body for a tackle; is able to generate power as a result of a thick base. Perhaps by design, but rarely released from blocks on screen plays. Sometimes grabs jersey when he gets burned in pass protection, could lead to penalties. Does not exactly jump out on tape, but definitely belongs in the mix for a starting tackle slot in the NFL.

Three-star recruit. Graduated from Genoa High School in Genoa, Ohio. 6’6”, 328 lb. Redshirt senior who has played left tackle, left guard, and center throughout his time in Madison. Started all 13 games as a redshirt freshman – seven at left guard, six at center. In redshirt sophomore campaign, started all 14 games, with 10 at center and four at left guard. Became the full-time starter at left tackle as a redshirt junior, starting all 14 games. Has not been the “blindside” protector, given the left-handedness of Wisconsin quarterback Alex Hornibrook. Playing on an offensive line that returns four starters of varying All-American-level recognition, himself included.

Grade: Third Round

10. OT Andre Dillard, Washington State Wash State

Left tackle who may end up getting kicked inside. A fine run blocker, but can get turned around quickly by crafty defenders. Struggles to truly move defenders out of the way. Appears comfortable in a zone-blocking scheme. Moves quickly to the spot of the block and displays good footwork. Does not keep his body square to the defender, leaving him susceptible to hand moves and fakes. Moves to the second level well when run blocking. Needs to improve as a pass blocker. Outclassed by NFL-caliber pass rushers. At times fails to neutralize the most-dangerous threat to the quarterback, allowing unacceptable run-throughs from the left-side B-gap.

Three-star recruit who has bulked up over 65 pounds since enrolling. Graduated from Woodinville High School in Woodinville, Washington. 6’5”, 306 lb. Redshirt senior who has been the full-time starter at left tackle since the end of his redshirt freshman season. As a redshirt freshman, played in three games at left tackle, making two starts. Started all 13 games at left tackle as a redshirt sophomore and as a redshirt junior. Took a step back as a redshirt junior. Father was an offensive lineman for Washington State, too.

Grade: Fourth Round