Player Interview: Cincinnati DT Marquise Copeland

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ELI NACHMANY: Today on Nachmany Football, we have a real treat. Marquise Copeland, a defensive tackle from the University of Cincinnati and potential 2019 NFL Draft prospect, has agreed to take some time and do an interview with us. Marquise, we really appreciate you speaking with us. Let’s get into it.

From what we’ve read, you were recruited by some as a linebacker. When we watched your film, you make some violent hits on ballcarriers that look more like those of a physical linebacker or a safety, rather than a regular defensive tackle. How has your experience playing linebacker affected the way you play the defensive line?

MARQUISE COPELAND: Playing linebacker helped me out in the long run because I understand what’s going on behind me. I also feel like it helped me be able to move because I was running sideline-to-sideline.

EN: Between you and Houston DT Ed Oliver, the American Athletic Conference could produce two first-round NFL draft picks at defensive tackle in 2019. Does that say anything about the level of play in the AAC?

MC: It does say a lot because there are some good players in our conference that may get over looked some.

EN: Going into this year as a true senior, has there been a transition to being a leader as one of the older players on the team?

MC: Yes I would say there has been – because of the younger guys looking up to me and trying to learn their way. Just how I had to when I just got on campus as a freshman.

EN: How much easier does it make your job getting to play with another star Cincinnati DT in Cortez Broughton?

MC: It makes my job much easier because he also is a good friend and we have that bond, we understand and know how to play with each other.

EN: Who is the toughest offensive lineman that you have had to match up against?

MC: I have played against a lot of good players since I have been at Cincinnati. I would have to say the battle in practice with Garrett [Campbell] is always my toughest.

EN: What are your biggest individual and team goals for the season?

MC: The biggest goal for me is to play as on one. I feel that we have a really good team and if we work together we can really be a force.

EN: Thank you, Marquise, for taking the time to answer our questions. Best of luck this season!


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