2018 NFL Draft: OPINION – Mason Rudolph the Best QB in the Draft

OPINION PIECE from Nachmany Football contributor Albert Nachmany

Why is no one talking about Mason Rudolph? Oklahoma State’s signal caller just may be the diamond in the rough of this year’s draft class. Rudolph checks off every box that an ideal quarterback prospect should: polish, pedigree, production, size, and good tape.

USC sophomore Sam Darnold, at 20 years old, went third overall to the Jets, but players as young as Darnold can have issues with maturity and development. Rudolph is 23 years old, and is far more polished.

Rudolph comes from Oklahoma State, where he has played teams like Texas, Oklahoma, TCU, Baylor, and others in a stacked Big-12 conference. The Big-12 may have its issues on defense, but it is still a Power 5 Conference. Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen, who was a Top Ten pick like Darnold, played his college ball in the Mountain West Conference and did not go through the rigor of a Power 5 schedule like Rudolph did. Personally, I would take Rudolph over Darnold and Allen.

Not only did Rudolph play in the Big 12, but he also had great production there. He had a successful junior year, throwing for 4,091 yards with a 63.4% completion, 28 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions. Rudolph found a way to improve his numbers in his senior year, throwing for more yards (4,904), more touchdowns (37), and more accuracy (65% completion).

Along with his experience, competition level, and production comes his size. Rudolph stands at 6-foot-5 inches tall and weighs 235 pounds. Others drafted ahead of him, like Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield, cannot be taught that height, and UCLA’s Josh Rosen has durability issues due in part to his skinny frame.

When you go to the tape, Rudolph continues to impress, especially when compared to the other quarterbacks in the class. He has tremendous touch and accuracy on his deep throws and would be able to operate a big-play passing attack at the next level with ease. He also has a good feel for throwing the ball in the middle of the field.

In conclusion, I do not know why Mason Rudolph is not getting the attention he deserves. In my opinion, he is the top quarterback in the class.