Scouting Report: Oklahoma OT Orlando Brown Jr.

Name: Orlando Brown
Position: OT
School: Oklahoma
Size: 6’8”, 345 lb
Home State: Georgia


Any discussion of Orlando Brown must begin with his mammoth size – at 6’8”, 345 lb, he immediately becomes one of the biggest offensive linemen in the NFL. Brown uses his size well; he’s a patient blocker who clearly understands angles and lanes, and he uses his body to wall off defenders. The Oklahoma lineman finishes blocks well, routinely driving the opposing defender into the dirt, but he is extraordinarily light on his feet (possessive of tremendous footwork) for a man his size.


Brown is a pretty complete prospect, but there are some potential areas of improvement. Like many his size, he is not the best at getting low. A scary thought is that it sometimes seems as though Brown is actually not able to always get his full force into blocks. In addition, with his long arms, Brown could also do a better job of extending and keeping defenders at bay.


Orlando Brown has a set of attributes that are impossible or nearly impossible to coach: height, size, length, and footwork. He is the son of former NFL offensive tackle Orlando Brown, so the NFL bloodlines are there. While there are some technical aspects of his game that could use some work, he has an immense amount of natural talent and would enter the league as a Top Ten tackle from Day One.

Draft Grade

Early First Round


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