Scouting Report: Indiana WR Simmie Cobbs Jr.

Name: Simmie Cobbs Jr.
Position: WR
School: Indiana
Size: 6’4”, 220 lb
Home State: Illinois


When looking at Simmie Cobbs on film, one is struck by how much bigger he is than the cornerback against whom he is matched up. Cobbs uses his size well, boxing out defenders for the football. As a split end, he is a particularly valuable asset because of his gifted route running skills and (more importantly) ability to run the entire route tree – here, Cobbs excels most on comeback routes. Many evaluators took note of Cobbs after he shredded Ohio State’s vaunted secondary early in the 2017 season, showcasing his ability to take over a game and displaying a penchant for making crazy catches. In addition to his solid ability overall as a pass catcher, Cobbs is a lethal weapon in the red zone.


Though Cobbs is a very good receiver, he has a few weaknesses. Despite being big and strong, Cobbs can get thrown off his route if a corner is skilled at press coverage and bumps him at the line of scrimmage. Cobbs has secure hands overall, but he can suffer drops from time to time. He does not have gamebreaking speed. Notably, Cobbs has some health concerns, as he missed all of 2016 with an ankle injury.


Though he is not an elite, top-flight receiver in this draft class, Simmie Cobbs Jr. is one of the better pass catchers available and has the potential to be a star. Few receivers of his size are as meticulous as he is when it comes to running routes. He can be a starting split end in the NFL, though Indiana also used him in the slot here and there due to his route running versatility and multi-faceted skill set.

Draft Grade

Second Round


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