Scouting Report: North Carolina State EDGE Bradley Chubb

Name: Bradley Chubb
Position: EDGE
School: North Carolina State
Size: 6’4”, 275 lb
Home State: Georgia


Bradley Chubb is not just quick or fast – he is a bolt of lightning on the edge. Chubb’s speed rush is almost impossible to block, but his lethal moves are made even scarier because of the defender’s merciless pursuit of ballcarriers in the backfield and his penchant for laying brutal hits on quarterbacks once he gets past the offensive tackle. Chubb gets there as a result of his strong center of balance, which also prevents him from getting knocked off the ball. Also noteworthy is the fact that Chubb has dropped into zone coverage here and there in the North Carolina State defensive scheme; the edge specialist eyes the quarterback well in coverage and executes his assignment in space.


Because Chubb is such a violent rusher who plays the game at full speed, that sometimes he gets too far upfield or is simply out of position on running plays. NFL teams would likely run draw plays against Chubb, with likely positive results. Additionally (and many coaches would not see this as a weakness, but it is worth pointing out), Chubb incurs late-hit penalties from time to time because he is so set on knocking down the quarterback on every play. Truthfully, Chubb has few weaknesses and is overall a pretty complete player.


At the next level, Chubb’s best fit is in a 4-3 defense where he can get after the quarterback while occasionally dropping back into coverage on zone blitzes. Chubb is a violent pass rusher who launches himself off the line of scrimmage. He could stand to be a better run defender, but Chubb is going to thrive with his skill set in a pass-centric NFL.

Draft Grade

Early First Round


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