Scouting Report: Boise State WR Cedrick Wilson

Name: Cedrick Wilson
Position: Wide receiver
School: Boise State
Size: 6’3”, 188 lb
Home State: Tennessee


The first thing that jumps out about Cedrick Wilson is his production. Granted, he is playing in the Mountain West Conference, but the Boise State standout is a prolific playmaker who has been able to handle a large workload in the Broncos offense. Part of this is because Wilson comes down with the ball in traffic – defenses key in on him, but he still makes catches. Often times, this traffic isn’t even a problem, as the Boise State star has a knack for finding the “soft spot” in coverages and placing himself exactly where the quarterback would be safe to throw. Wilson appears to have solid straight line speed on film, but he also possesses decent agility for a player his size. Standing tall at 6’3”, he immediately matches up well with most any NFL cornerback from a size perspective.


It is difficult to argue with great numbers, but Wilson has some poor habits that will get exposed at the next level. On many of his catches, the receiver tends to trap the ball with his breastplate instead of extending his arms and hauling it in away from his body. Wilson is not particularly explosive in and out of his cuts when running routes, and he also could be more elusive with the ball in his hands after the catch. One thing Wilson must stop doing is attempting to make fancy, one-handed grabs, when using both hands would give him a better chance at catching the football.


Cedrick Wilson is unlikely to become a world-beater in the NFL, but he is a solid enough wideout whose biggest flaws are coachable. Boise State wide receivers have found some success in the NFL, and Wilson would be a fine addition to any team’s stable of pass catchers to provide a different look at split end (or, in some schemes, the slot). Also worthy of note: Wilson’s father Cedrick Sr. played seven seasons in the NFL, winning a Super Bowl with Pittsburgh in 2005.

Draft Grade

3rd round


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