Scouting Report: Iowa CB Josh Jackson

Name: Josh Jackson
Position: Cornerback
School: Iowa
Size: 6’1”, 192 lb
Home State: Texas


A good sized cornerback, Josh Jackson is a willing tackler who lays the wood on ballcarriers. He mirrors well in man-to-man coverage, anticipating cuts from receivers at an elite level. Jackson is also a solid asset in zone coverage, where he breaks quickly to disrupt familiar route combinations. On cornerback blitzes, he negotiates a clear path to the quarterback, finding the quickest way into the backfield with little blocking resistance. Jackson’s hands are active – he breaks up numerous passes. Importantly, he has a nose for the football, and is a good threat to make interceptions when playing an underneath zone assignment (he logged three picks against Ohio State).


On tape, Josh Jackson appears to have NFL speed, but it is clear he is not confident in his own speed at this time. He routinely gives receivers a step or two of cushion over the top in man-to-man coverage. Unfortunately, this leads to Jackson allowing completions on underneath patterns (particularly comeback routes). NFL quarterbacks are glad to exploit this weakness for an entire game. Jackson is rarely seen pressing receivers at the line, so his evaluation on this front is somewhat incomplete. Additionally, while he takes a good angle on blitz plays, he struggles to finish the blitz and sack the quarterback.


Josh Jackson will be a fine cornerback in the NFL if he learns to trust his speed and stop underneath routes in man coverage. He is an all-around solid corner – the kind that sticks on a professional roster. It is difficult to say if he will be a top-flight player, and his film currently shows a player with second-round ability having stretches of first-round-level play.

Draft Grade

Late 1st-Early 2nd


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