West Virginia QB Geno Smith Drawing Bad Comparisons after NFL Scouting Combine

West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith recently drew a comparison to former NFL draft bust Akili Smith, according to Bob McGinn.

The NFL’s scouting combine page also had a mediocre comparison for Smith, likening him to former Saints signal caller Aaron Brooks.

There seems to be a growing sentiment in NFL circles that Geno Smith isn’t anything close to a franchise quarterback and that the signal caller won’t succeed at the highest level.

Though prolific in college, Geno Smith played in a very basic offense in college and he proved that when he had a lot of trouble drawing up West Coast plays on the board in a Combine interview (check out the video below).

The fact remains that Smith looks certain to have a fair amount of trouble adapting to NFL defenses and that his ultimate prowess could be based on just how creative his offensive coordinator is.

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