Ravens Could Allow Ed Reed to Test the Market; Where He Fits

Future Hall of Famer Ed Reed may unexpectedly find himself on the free agent market this offseason, according to Peter King of Sports Illustrated.

King said that Baltimore may allow the 34-year old to at least test the market during the offseason, as the Ravens have many potential free agents to take care of, including quarterback Joe Flacco.

However, the Ravens could be making a fatal mistake in letting Reed go during the offseason. While the safety is not the playmaker he once was, he supplies important leadership and experience to the Baltimore defensive unit. With the team already losing stalwart Ray Lewis to retirement, they cannot afford to also lose Reed.

If the Ravens are unable to resign the former All-Pro, Reed will still have many options. New England has been rumored to be one of the front-runners for Reed’s services, and the fit makes sense. The Patriots have had an inconsistent secondary since the 2007 season, but Reed could be the missing piece to the New England championship puzzle.

The Saints are another team that makes sense for Reed, as they are in the process of moving to a 3-4 defense, which Reed has experience in. The safety would certainly help improve the 31st ranked defense in the NFL, so watch out for New Orleans if Reed hits the open market.

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