Bills Plan to Use Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller in Multiple Sets

The Bills are planning to use both Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller in different formation sets in 2013, according to Chris Brown.

Spiller and Jackson combined for 1,681 yards and nine touchdowns for the Bills in 2012.

Spiller is explosive and can make defenders miss in open space and could have done more for the Bills in 2012. The team didn’t use him enough, splitting carries with Fred Jackson on occasion. It seems, in Buffalo, that the team doesn’t feel as though Spiller can get the job done by himself. He can and has proven that he is an above-average running back.

The Bills should trade Jackson because he is handcuffing his teammate. Spiller had a staggering per carry average that almost exceeded six yards a clip and his ability to make plays can’t be ignored.

Many teams would love to have a running back like Jackson to carry the load for their offense and set up play action; the Packers would be a reasonable destination.

The Bills need to ramp up C.J. Spiller’s carries total and progress away from Fred Jackson.

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