2012 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills Considering Trade Up To Third Pick For Matt Kalil

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The Buffalo Bills have a serious need at left tackle and have been looking at Riley Reiff with the tenth overall pick, but that’s looking like less and less of a possibility by the day.

Today is draft day and a number of rumors are swirling about each team’s intentions, but one possibility seems to make sense.

NFL Rotowire had the first confirmation of Charley Casserly’s report that the Bills are considering a trade-up to the third pick for Kalil.

The Bills recently lost tackle Demetress Bell to the Eagles and, if the season were to begin today, would start the sub-par Chris Hairston.

According to the report, Buffalo is willing to give up their first (No. 10 overall) and second (No. 41) round picks to move up for the Southern California tackle.

Kalil held down the fort for the Trojans in 2011, playing a major part in quarterback Matt Barkley’s success last season.

In terms of his strengths, the lineman could be an elite pass-blocker after a year or two and he has above-average footwork.

On the flip side, Kalil could work on his strength and may need a few years in the NFL before he’s a Pro Bowl-caliber player.

Certainly the top tackle in the draft, this Trojan would be a lock-down player on the left side for the Bills and make Ryan Fitzpatrick’s life easier in the pocket.

Buffalo was unable to progress to the vertical passing game as the season went on because their tackles didn’t have the ability to pass protect for long enough. Kalil would turn that around quickly.

On the draft pick trade value chart, which teams use as a way to judge selection values of picks in trades, the 10th pick is worth 1,300 points and the 41st is worth 490 points. The problem is that the third overall pick is worth 2,200 points.

Technically, the Bills would need to give up another high pick for this trade to work, but both teams have until tonight to make this deal work. Look for the Bills and Vikings to try hard for a deal.

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